E20T Case Erector

Starting at: $69,927.00 * Price May Vary Depending on Final Product Features

Struggling with space, maintenance costs and downtime? The E20T Case Erector boasts a small footprint while utilizing a SCARA robot to reduce wear parts, thus reducing maintenance time and costs. This advanced robotic functionality allows for smoother operation, quicker changeovers and dependable performance from the first run. Features include:

  • 2½ to 5 minute changeovers
  • Quickly generate new case size recipes with INMOTION, a standard recipe calculation tool on the HMI
  • Opposing cup-case opening to account for glue over-spray
  • Robotic pick and pass eliminates many parts that need regular maintenance and replacement
  • Photo eyes ensure cases are squared before sealing
  • Designed with safety and ergonomics top of mind. ANSI/PMMI B155.1, ISO 13849 Category 3 and UL Certified
  • Manufactured from over-engineered tube- and plate-steel and designed with sanitary standards in mind
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