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Modular Automation

Who ever said automation needs to be ‘all or nothing’? Whatever your starting point, LEVEL UP with ‘Modular Automation,’ a phased approach to solving your packaging automation needs.

Is your packaging room fully reliant on manual labor today? If so, begin your automation journey with a low-risk investment in automated case erecting, case sealing, or both.

Or, if you’ve already automated your erect and seal processes but still hand load the cases, consider an investment in automated case loading that leverages robots, cobots, or SCARA technology.

With INSITE’s Modular Automation, YOU choose the level of automation that’s right for you based on your available labor, budget, floor space, or time to implement.

No Automation

Light Automation

Heavy Automation

Full Automation


INSITE Modular Automation

Through its Modular Automation program, INSITE provides phase-in levels of both light and heavy automation. For integrated and fully automated capabilities, INSITE will refer you to its sister company, Douglas. Throughout its 60+ year history, Douglas has been a market leader in advanced secondary packaging automation with proven success in top load and side load case packing, shrink wrapping, cartoning and variety pack solutions. Whatever your automation level, INSITE supports you through your journey and serves as your advisor throughout the process.