Machine Configurator

Use the form below to configure your INSITE equipment and receive a quote or explore our leasing options. You will be shown a full recap of your machine configuration to verify accuracy. With a valid business e-mail address you’ll receive a quote via e-mail within 24 business hours. Of course, if you have any questions please contact us.

Simpler, safer and more reliable packaging operations are just a few clicks away.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

INSITE’s business is based upon a clear, no-nonsense respect for your time and resources. To deliver you the highest possible value, we’ve made a conscious decision to streamline specific back-end aspects of our business. One of those aspects is Terms and Conditions. The link below will bring you to INSITE’s standard ‘Terms and Conditions of Sale’. We’ve worked hard to make this a fair, balanced, no-nonsense document that all parties can be comfortable with. We hope you agree. If you don’t, we get it. But please understand that our pricing structure is based on streamlined transactions and does not account for additional legal resources.

Terms & Conditions of Sale