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Published June 16, 2019

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius

There are four general reasons people tend to make things complex:

  • To appear smart
  • They’re unsure how to summarize all of the information bombarding them
  • They think people want more when they actually want less
  • They forget to put themselves in the shoes of the receiver

Often, simple is better. If the “easy” explanation or solution can get you where you want to go, why complicate things? Here’s how to simplify a complex subject:

  • Practice explaining it, whatever it may be, to your elderly grandparents or a young child
  • Ask for feedback
  • Schedule fewer meetings and send fewer emails
  • Focus on what you’re good at
  • Be the one who makes the complex simple

Simplify CPG Packaging

This “simplifying” philosophy extends to just about every aspect of life, but we like to apply it to secondary packaging solutions. Modern packaging design options are almost limitless – there are hundreds of different structural and visual effects that allow for unprecedented creativity and variation in packaging design. However, creativity should never come at the expense of simplicity or elegance. In countless cases, the most memorable brand presentation is also the simplest.

When faced with the “blank canvas” of a packaging design, it can be tempting to want to fill the space with graphics and text – those bells and whistles that make a design fun and exciting” But more isn’t always better, and today’s consumers don’t have the patience to read blocks of text. Simple, elegant design proves to be more effective in attracting interest and creates a more lasting impression on consumers. Designs that try to do too many things at once undermine their own effectiveness by distracting from the most important points.

Packaging is powerful because it tells consumers why your product and brand are different. Apple, for example, is known for its clean, minimalist packaging. If you’ve ever watched an unboxing video for a new iPhone, you know people love that iconic, white design.

Declutter Packaging Automation

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”Leonardo da Vinci

Simplicity, elegance and function are often the most powerful guiding factors in converting your conceptual ideas into a stunning reality. The same holds true for packaging equipment. Some say “less is more” is an apt mantra for packaging machines.

One category where the beauty of simplicity is making an impact is case erecting and case sealing machines. Consumers want top-of-the-line erectors and sealers that come with features and benefits attractive to large manufacturers, with costs that a small to mid-sized food company can comfortably afford. That’s where INSITE comes in.

Package Simply with INSITE

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, and no simpler.” — Albert Einstein

Our case erectors and case sealers provide sleek, high-performance packaging automation that eliminates needless complexity. Our simple, streamlined designs improve performance, remove unnecessary machine parts and eliminate complexity found in the packaging equipment you see throughout our industry.

INSITE’s case erectors apply technology to enable next-level simplicity and reliability, and the results are clear – our case erectors have 40 to 50 percent fewer parts than competing machines. What does that mean for you? Effortless set-ups, quick and trouble-free changeovers, consistently square cases, fewer wear parts and less maintenance.

Our case formers provide an ergonomic system specially designed to keep your operators safe. A simple, reliable SCARA robot follows its own software-written path. This smart robotics system allows SCARA to replace many other mechanisms. Opposing-cup opening force combats glue overspray and prevents “L-shaped” cases. Active photo eyes inspect leading case panels and dynamically adjust side carrier belts until each case is square.

INSITE case sealers combine a sleek, minimalistic design with the ability to adjust case sizes and speed. They help you do less to achieve more. Its smart, flexible machine design with proven technologies provides a quick and clean top seal … every time. These sealers are safe, simple, accessible and packed with functionality. Built-in major flap control is standard at no increased cost. Spring-loaded side belts allow for a wider variety of case sizes. A smart-touch screen provides operators increased power and control with a safety-first design that has full length guard doors and instant safety switches. Left and right-hand operation is available to easily accommodate line relocation or design changes. Thoughtful, tilt-accessible tape heads are designed to keep production running smoothly, even during the roll replacement process.

Ultimately, our thoughtfully designed machines are here to make your job easier, not harder – so you won’t find yourself faced with unexpected upgrade costs or frustrating maintenance issues. INSITE’s safety-focused solutions and sleek secondary packaging equipment are ready for your application when and where you need them. Because our goal is to help you do less and achieve more, INSITE approaches the experience of our customers from the focused perspective on delivering increased value without requiring increased effort. We’re here to help you improve your existing production processes while providing expert industry guidance and stellar customer support. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can help!

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