Published June 6, 2018

At INSITE, case erectors and case sealers are our focus. Designing and manufacturing industry-leading packaging equipment is our primary job. But it’s only part of our job.

The other part requires that we make sure these simple, reliable case erectors and case sealers become synonymous with the INSITE brand over the long run—and vice versa.

So far, the INSITE brand has been represented by the following mark (with a few subtle variations):


Today, we’re adding a second mark that we’ll apply in specific circumstances. This is more logo than logotype, and where our normal logotype is horizontal, this gives us options for narrower, more square proportions.

With that, we are pleased to introduce our new INSITE icon:

It’s a small and somewhat trivial addition to our marketing repertoire. Nonetheless, it’s an incremental change that you’ll see from time to time as you review our website, our manuals, our sales information—anything that has to do with our case erectors and case sealers. (And as we noted above, designing and making that equipment to drive your line’s productivity is our focus, so almost everything we do will center around those case erectors and case sealers.)

Ideally, an icon is a simple image, shape or object that helps explain something in a simple way, summarizing an action, operation, concept, or idea. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here. We’re summarizing our brand with a visual mark.

Now when you check us out on LinkedIn or YouTube you’ll be greeted by this clean and simple mark. Designed to fill square or circular logo spaces that are prevalent on most social media sites today, our new icon translates the INSITE logo into shorthand.

But make no mistake, this abbreviated version represents all the good things we’re trying to build here: reliable case erectors and case sealers that benefit from elegantly applied technology and a fresh, straightforward market approach.


So you can trust your INSITE ownership experience above all others.

INSITE—Straight, Forward Packaging Automation (and icons).

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