Consumer Insights in 2019 and Beyond

Published March 26, 2019

In an industry where new and innovative packaging is constantly entering the market, it is crucial that CPG professionals understand the current, and rising, needs of our clients so we can meet and exceed their expectations in 2019 and beyond.  By paying close attention to consumer feedback, secondary packaging companies can gain insight into what areas of production should be increasing, or changing, to accommodate new needs.

At INSITE, we strive to put our customers at the center of everything we do. We know that success (or failure) depends on the support of loyal customers. Thanks to extensive research, CPG professionals have discovered what changes and improvements customers would like to see reflected within our industry in 2019 and beyond. Keep reading to see our “four S’s” for providing quality service to your current and potential customers.

The Four S’s:

1. Simplify

Jim Campbell, north-central Regional Sales Manager of BluePrint Automation (BPA), shares just how complex this industry has become. He writes, “[e]quipment manufacturers are in constant competition to find new ways to automate this [secondary packaging] process…. Advances that are making this process more flexible are the introduction of vision-guided robotics.” While automation can be a time-saving and efficient process, an abundance of work and time must be spent to get to that point so things can be simplified in the long run. Research shows that manufacturers appreciate simple machines that can do more, so that in turn, they can provide a more simple, yet better designed, product for their customer base.

2. Streamline

Two years ago, a blog by EDL packaging shared, “secondary packaging is commonly completed in the same facility where the primary packaging is created in order to streamline production and packaging processes.” Since this blog’s publishing, many companies within the packaging industry have taken note, and expanded their services to include primary and secondary packing services. When things are streamlined in this way, companies can afford to lower prices on their services since they are saving time, money and production. In a competition-saturated market, where many companies offer a similar service base, streamlining your manufacturing process down to examining its very mechanics will only set you up for future success.

3. Serve

In today’s technical world where nearly every commercial industry has been trumped by automation, quality customer service from real people is still necessary … and much appreciated. An article by Forbes puts the automated vs. human customer service argument into perspective: “New AI [automated service] tools are rapidly emerging in the support space that can address high-urgency situations quickly, but when it comes to high-emotion scenarios, no AI can replicate human empathy, so there’s still a distinct advantage to having a real person help a customer. Whether it’s your own airline fiasco or an on-demand food delivery app delivering your meal late or cold, some support interactions just require a human element.” At INSITE, we work directly with our customers – twenty-four hours a day – to help solve your problems because we believe good business begins with honoring the time of our customers.

4. (Find Ways To) Say Thank You

There is more competition today in the CPG industry than ever before. With the top six global competitors accounting for only 20% of overall industry value, a majority of support from smaller businesses is up for grabs. Although our first three consumer insights (simplify, streamline and serve) will help boost your business in 2019 and beyond, truly appreciating your customers, by directly meeting their needs, is the key to unprecedented success. Take notes from the ten biggest CPG brands in the world, all of whom have spearheaded campaigns specifically designed to tell consumers, “shop with us because we put in the work to meet your needs better.” What sets these businesses apart is not their management, their 20-year plans, or even (at times) the higher quality of their products. Instead, it is their ability to successfully market to the average, middle-class American consumer.

With a consumer reach of $1.67 million, Dove’s revolutionary 2004 ‘Real Beauty’ campaign highlighted what real customers loved best about Dove’s packaging and product, always rounding back to the concept that beauty is an inner choice any person can make. Similarly, Lays (owned by PepsiCo), with a customer reach of $2.2 million, ran a “Do Us a Flavor” campaign that encouraged chip fanatics to submit their own flavor ideas for a chance to win a cash prize, and have their flavor join the Lays product family. Both of these examples provide a brilliant way of recognizing customers’ voices and impact while thanking them for their support.

Partner with The Right CPG Manufacturer in 2019

As your company prepares to move into 2019 and works towards simplifying, streamlining, serving and saying thank you to your supporters, partner with a CPG manufacturer who confidently supports your mission to bring customer satisfaction back to the forefront of packaging. At INSITE, our customers are the inspiration behind the design, creation, delivery and support of our standardized secondary packaging equipment.  We would love to sit down with you and discuss how INSITE can partner with you in 2019 and beyond.

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