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At INSITE, we are focused on case erecting and sealing equipment. We are passionate about leveraging technology wherever possible to make our machines simpler and smarter. Our mission is to continually put you at the center of our business because we understand that our success depends on your success.

We’ve been in the secondary packaging equipment industry a long time. You have responded to the changing needs of retailers, wholesalers and consumers. As you’ve committed to delivering value to them, we are committed to supporting your efforts through thoughtful machine design and genuine customer focus. INSITE is a continuation of that commitment.

About Insite

Peerless Packaging Solutions

INSITE’s case formers and case sealers have been designed by some of the industry’s best engineers and product specialists to respect vital resources: your time, your budget and, of course, your operators’ safety. We do this by packing our packaging equipment with features and benefits we know you’ll appreciate.

E20T Machine

Case Erectors

INSITE case erectors elegantly apply technology to enable next-level simplicity and reliability. Looking for effortless set-ups, quick and trouble-free changeovers, consistently square cases, fewer wear parts and less maintenance? INSITE’s case formers have all that and more thanks to our innovative use of robotics and elementary operator controls.

  • 40-50% fewer parts than competing machines
  • Dependable opposing-cup case opening
  • Active case squaring for square cases, every time

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S20T Machine

Case Sealers

INSITE case sealers combine a smart, flexible machine design with proven technologies for a quick and clean top-seal—every time. These machines are safe, simple, accessible, and packed with functionality. That’s premium performance, priced for premium value.

  • Standard touch-screen machine control
  • Active major flap management
  • Spring-loaded side belts

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See Them in Action

Check out our videos and animations to see for yourself what INSITE's packaging equipment is all about.

  • Tape-Seal Case Erector

  • Glue-Seal Case Erector

Exploring Machinery Automation

INSITE is passionate about providing all the assets your company needs to capitalize on packaging automation. From machine manuals and FAQs to Quick Start guides and case-speed matrices, we offer a range of resources to help you quickly understand and utilize your automated packaging systems.

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INSITE packaging team

Comprehensive Customer Support

We’re here when you have a question, concern or challenge. Our 24/7 support line connects you to a Service Advisor or Technician with an excellent grasp of packaging technology and INSITE’s automated packaging solutions. Have a question that’s a little less urgent? Drop us an e-mail and we’ll jump on that, too.

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