The Top 5 Benefits of Automated Packaging Systems

Published April 17, 2020

You’re a small business that’s looking to grow your manufacturing process. Or maybe you’re a larger company hoping to fine tune a process that’s already in place. In either scenario, you’re probably considering investing in some type of packaging machinery.

But you’re also having doubts. Are automated packaging machines worth all the fuss, the money? Are those nifty case erectors and case sealers truly capable of reducing warehouse labor in a way that pays off in the long run?

The short answer is yes, absolutely. Let’s examine some of the advantages of automating your packaging process.

1. Believe It Or Not, You’re Actually Saving Money

It’s no secret that purchasing an automated packaging machine requires a substantial investment upfront. But the cost is easy to calculate, and the long-term financial payoff is immense.

If you’re unsure about making such a big purchase outright, you can test automated packaging machinery out with the convenient leasing options readily available to buyers. Whether you opt to pay for your equipment in installments or in one lump sum, a packaging machine will, by default, mean you’re being much kinder to your budget.

2. Speedy Packaging Without Sacrificing Attention to Detail

With the rise of same-day orders and monthly subscription boxes, customers expect to receive their products quicker than ever. The packaging process needs to be streamlined so that recipients are getting their products on the exact day—or even a day or two before—they’re being expected.

Packaging automation is the ideal way to keep your loyal customers (whether you’re shipping to warehouses, stores, or straight to consumers) receiving their purchases on time, without burning out your current employees in the process. After all, an overworked warehouse laborer is far more likely to make a mistake while packaging, which is sure to annoy your buyer. Investing in some sleek, efficient machinery keeps both parties happy.

3. You’ll Make Up for Employee and Labor Shortages

Warehouse and distribution centers have been facing significant labor shortages as of late, and many companies are frantically trying to pick up the pieces. But what accounts for this loss? For one, younger employees are showing a declining interest in work that’s labor-intensive, opting for technology-focused desk jobs.

This loss is felt even more significantly during busy holiday seasons. While material handlers and other forms of manual labor are shrinking, consumer demands only become more frequent on these occasions. In short, the employees a company does have end up performing too many tasks, potentially compromising both quality and efficiency as a result.

Packaging automation systems make up for employee shortages on a good day, and make all the difference in the world during a seasonal spike or when dealing with workers who are simply stretched too thin.

4. Creating Safer Working Conditions

We talked about employee burnout earlier, in both the mental and physical sense. Some see these things as simply unpleasant aspects of a job. But what happens when a worker’s minor discomfort becomes a full-blown physical injury?

If you’re packaging hundreds of items in boxes, there’s a good chance some of those items are heavy, cumbersome, or even sharp. What starts as a minor back or arm injury can lead to long periods of mandatory time off—and from there, a decrease in productivity. And while it’s crucial to have thorough compliance and safety procedures in place, increased injuries can mean stricter employee health and safety programs—i.e., more hours of reviewing the same old training materials, and fewer hours actually working.

Show your employees that they are valued by actively working to increase their on-the-job safety by investing in an automated packaging system. Creating safer working conditions will not only decrease workplace injuries; it can increase your productivity.

5. Three Words: Massive Waste Reduction

With the increased waste bans sweeping not only the nation, but the world over, an environmentally-conscious mindset is becoming more important. But how is that possible in an industry that produces waste by design?

Packaging equipment uses fixed amounts of material to get you the most bang for your buck. These machines cut products to size, erect the exact size of boxes you require, and seal them with just the right amount of tape or adhesive. The keyword here is minimalism, and this automated packaging machinery offers that in spades.

Simplify and Streamline Your Manufacturing Process With INSITE

Here at INSITE, we’re committed to designing and manufacturing packaging equipment that’s advanced, streamlined, and above all, simple. We believe that keeping both your customers and employees happy starts with a strong bottom-up approach—improving performance, reducing cost, avoiding injury, and eliminating waste in the manufacturing facility before distributing to the public. Our case erectors and case sealers will allow you to do just that, and more.

Contact us today to get a quote, or with any questions you may have. We can’t wait to offer you some packaging insight.

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