It’s Official—INSITE Has Launched!

Published May 9, 2018

Press Release:
Today, INSITE took the exciting step of launching its new standardized packaging equipment business focusing on a suite of innovative case erectors and case sealers. It marked this milestone with a press release aimed at thousands of industry experts, influencers, customers, associations and publications across North America and around the globe. The full text of the press release can be found at its source in the link above. If you have any questions about INSITE’s business or it’s case formers and case sealers, please visit our contact page and drop us a line. We’re here to help.

Alexandria, MN—We’re pleased to introduce INSITE Packaging Automation—a new brand focused on standardized secondary packaging equipment! INSITE is leveraging its rich heritage to combine smart technologies with simple designs, creating some of the most inspired new case erectors and case sealers on the market today. Consistent with its case forming and case sealing equipment, INSITE is approaching the market in a fresh and straightforward manner that seeks to eliminate or reduce friction at every step of the equipment buying and owning process. What’s more, INSITE’s top-of-the-line erectors and sealers are priced for top-of-the-line value.

INSITE is a fresh new brand, but it has a deep history in the packaging equipment industry. Launched by Douglas Machine Inc., INSITE strives to uphold and exceed Douglas’ half-century of credibility, reliability, performance and customer service—all dedicated to the secondary packaging equipment industry.

“This is an exciting new market for us.” says Douglas VP of Sales & Marketing Steve Lipps. “With this new business, we’re thrilled to have an opportunity to compete as a case sealer and case erector manufacturer; and we’re eager to apply INSITE’s unique approach to product design and market engagement. Big picture, it’s just a great opportunity to improve the overall ownership experience for consumer packaged goods manufacturers.”

We welcome you to INSITE Packaging Automation and our line of secondary packaging equipment that will be as simple, reliable and straightforward as your customer experience. INSITE’s new case formers and case sealers can be found on our website and are available to purchase via

About INSITE: INSITE launched from Douglas Machine Inc. to promote simplicity and clarity in standardized secondary packaging equipment. INSITE strives to deliver whatever CPG companies require to understand and capitalize on standardized packaging equipment. Our machines combine straightforward design with incredible functionality, allowing customers to gain productivity and efficiency on their packaging lines. To learn more about INSITE and its selection of high-quality case erectors and case sealers, please visit

About Douglas Machine: Douglas Machine Inc. is a leading supplier of paperboard, corrugated and shrink-film packaging solutions. Since 1964, this employee-owned manufacturer has been developing differentiated, high-end packaging automation equipment and services as it seeks to live out its mission of enriching lives. With over 600 employees and an installed base of over 9,000 machines, Douglas has left—and continues to leave—its mark on the industry, one reliable and innovative machine at a time. To gain a better understanding of Douglas and its packaging solutions, visit

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