INSITE Debuts Equipment Leasing Option

Published June 28, 2019

At INSITE, we pride ourselves on our ability to strip extraneous features from secondary packaging equipment, leaving you with a sleek, simply designed case erector or case sealer that will get the job done. Now, we’re simplifying the decision-making process by making our top-of-the-line machines available to lease. This new leasing option is offered in partnership with Geneva Capital, LLC, and makes getting started streamlining your packaging process easier than ever. With both a physical form and an online application available, as well as a variety of financing options, the process is easy, quick, and efficient – just how we like it.

Leasing Options

Case Erector

INSITE’s case erector combines safety, speed, and automation to produce reliably square cases every time. Opposing-cup case opening forces ensure that cases are opened square regardless of glue over-spray, while photo eyes make sure that all cases are adjusted to precise specifications. We built the whole thing with a durable and hygienic frame design meant to withstand the packaging process and get the job done.

Case Sealer

For our case sealing equipment, we focused on both form and function to create dependable, durable equipment that looks good while keeping the packaging process running smoothly. With features like a tilt-accessible tape head, spring-loaded side belts, and full-length guard doors, INSITE’s case sealer prioritizes safety, accessibility, and mobility.

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing one of our high-quality secondary packaging equipment machines can benefit your business operations in a number of ways, from providing tax savings to avoiding obsolescence. Here are just a few of the advantages.

Try Before You Buy

Leasing is a fantastic option for those interested in trying out new equipment before making it a permanent part of their packaging process. If you’ve been considering upgrading your machinery, leasing new equipment allows you to “try before you buy” and evaluate the overall effectiveness of one or more of INSITE’s machines.  

Tax Benefits

A lease carries various tax benefits and savings with it. For example, you can actually deduct your payments from your business income because the IRS views a lease as a tax-deductible overhead expense, rather than as a purchase.

Flexible Payment Plan

Through our leasing partnership with Geneva Capital, LLC, you’ll be able to customize a program that meets your individual needs. These flexible payment plans are immensely helpful in managing your cash flow throughout the year, particularly if you’re interested in leasing to own. The payment estimator at the bottom of our leasing page allows you to input your equipment costs and desired term length in order to see your estimated monthly payment.

Upgrade Equipment Quickly

We’re always looking for ways to optimize our machine designs. When you lease an INSITE case sealer or case erector, you’ll be able to return that packaging machine at the end of your lease and upgrade to the latest and greatest option, ensuring your automated packaging processes stay efficient and competitive.

Lease Packaging Equipment with INSITE

At INSITE, we’re dedicated to simple designs and smart functions. Whether you’re looking for more efficient secondary packaging solutions, durable design, or reliable performance, we deliver. Lease with INSITE today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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