4 Tips to Speed Up Your Packaging Process

Published August 30, 2019

As new e-commerce developments like subscription boxes, pick-up options for consumer goods, and overnight shipping push product manufacturers to send out better products at an increased rate, a streamlined packaging process is more crucial than ever. 

The final step in a production line, a packaging process consists of the organization, packing, sealing, and labeling of consumer products in strategically constructed cartons for distribution. An efficient packaging process can be a manufacturer’s greatest asset in meeting increased demand—or their greatest downfall if not well utilized. Are you making the most of your packaging process?

Evaluating Your Existing Processes

A thorough examination of your current packaging process should be conducted to help identify existing strengths and weaknesses. Take the time to review your packaging stations and equipment (including corrugated cases, sealant, and fillers), as well as any automated processes being implemented. Are enough employees stationed along your packaging line? Do your cases take too much time to erect and seal? Is filler being overutilized when a simple change in product packaging could eliminate much of this waste? 

The answers to these and other relevant questions will help determine the health of your packaging line and also reveal areas of potential growth. Understandably, it can be difficult to be critics of our own work. If this sort of evaluation seems daunting, consider consulting a packaging expert to provide an outside opinion of your existing packaging process. 

As you continue to evaluate your packaging processing, take these additional factors into account before instituting a packaging change. 

Your Industry and Market Niche

A manufacturer for Amazon, which packs and ships a wide variety of product types across the globe, would have a vastly different packaging process than a manufacturer of one product that ships to a specific customer type. Amazon’s packing process would require a wide range of case sizes and various fillers to accommodate many products. In contrast, packaging one kind of product and shipping to a single location or customer type requires a simpler process. With this in mind, your packaging evaluation process may vary depending on the nature of your product and customer base.

The Value of the Unboxing Process

As influencer marketing continues to rise, coupled with the increase in e-commerce shopping, the “unboxing” process now carries significant weight in customer satisfaction and reordering potential. For example, apparel, which is not likely to break or be damaged during transport, is easily packaged in plastic shipping bags. However, shipping the same clothing item in a branded box, smartly packaged with colored tissue paper and a printed thank-you note, will be better received by the customer. Is a more pleasant unboxing process worth the extra cost? Depending on your industry and product base, the answer may be a resounding yes. 

4 Ways to Increase Your Packaging Efficiency

Now that your existing packaging process has been examined, it’s time to implement relevant changes to your production line. Here are a few actionable improvements you might make to your packaging process.

Increased Automation

Automating packaging operations is a modern way to bring your current packaging process into the technological age. Especially if your current packaging process relies heavily on manpower, turning to efficient automation is an ideal solution for decreasing manual labor and cutting costs. Although it requires a substantial investment upfront, automated packaging is key to keeping up with increasing consumer demands. 

Machinery Updates

If you’ve made past changes to increase your packaging efficiency through automation, machinery updates and maintenance are crucial to keep your line operating at maximum output. Changeover is essential to maintain the health of your packaging process, but it can be a daunting process. Consider our list of helpful tips for handling machinery changeover with ease. 

Better Employee Training

Although a reliable workforce is essential to a successful production line, training—or a lack of it—can make or break your packaging process. By offering continued training on machinery updates, industry changes, and emerging technologies, you are investing not just in your employees, but in your business, and the return employees ultimately yield.

Request Feedback

No one knows the ins and outs of your packaging process like the operators on your production line. As you consider making changes to speed up your packaging process, ask for feedback from your seasoned staff. Odds are, they will have valuable suggestions that not only make their jobs easier but also aid in the efficiency and speed of your packaging line. 

Make the Most of Your Packaging Process With INSITE

If you are searching for a smarter solution to your existing case erecting or case sealing needs, consider INSITE. Our focus on providing quality machines and unmatchable customer service allows us to reduce and eliminate costs that customers shouldn’t have to incur when purchasing a standardized packaging machine. Reach out today to learn more about how INSITE can improve your packaging process. 


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